Ever girl wants 2 have flawless skin but lets face it…I know we don’t. But don’t worry girls. there are ways 2 get close 2 perfect skin. These are the four steps that work wonders. How many times have u guys heard 2

!. cleanse

2. exfoliate

3. tone

and 4. mosturize ur skin

but how many of us actually do these things? I know it may seem like a lot but once u start doing it u wont be able 2 imagine a ur daily routine w/o it. Its like taking a shower. You should cleanse ur skin everyday and do it twice a day…once in the morning and once before u go 2 sleep. Exfoliate only one or 2 times a week if ur skin is really sensitive and acne prone because exfoliaters tend 2 have a drying effect on skin.
If u have oily skin u can exfoliate more. Toning is an important step that gets rid of any residue that the cleanser might have missed. This should be done w/ cotton balls and dont wash off the toner. Mosturize ur skin w/ something that has a spf of atleast 15. Ur skin will look youthful when u get older. ALways remember 2 was ur face w/ warm water before using ur cleanser and wash it off w/ cool water. EXtremely hot and cold water damage ur skin, so Beaware of dat..