1. How does your skin feel aafter its been cleansed?
A Tight
B Slightly shiny
C Fine and smooth
D Slightly shiny on the T-zone (nose and forehead) but fine on your cheeks
E Red or Blotchy

2.What does yor skin look like without moisturiser?
A Dry and tight
B Oily
C More or less normal
D Shiny on Tzone, normal on cheeks
E Irrtated

3 How visible are your pores?
A Nearly invisible
B Clearly vissible
C Visible when close up
DClearly visible on the Tzone and visible close up on cheeks
E Any one of these

4 Does whaat you eat and drink affect your skin?
A Alcohol makes my skin feel dryer
B My skin feels greasier whgen i eat fried food
C No, I can eat what I want without affecting my skin
D Spicy foods can inflame my skin

Mainly A– Dry skin
Mainly B– Oily skin
Mainly C– Normal Skin
Mainly D– Combination skin
Mainly E– Sensitive skin