Salman ‘Black Buck’ Khan makes news headlines for all the wrong reasons. After a certain Miss World went public with charges of harassment,the recent talk of the town was Khan’s rudeness to his latest lady love Kat.
Starting her Bollywood innings with a record seventeen kisses, Mallika Sherawat created a storm with her New Year Eve performance where she appeared fully covered yet leaving little for imagination.7.jpg
First fighting racial slurr,then denying it all,this Big Boss winner saw protests against her after a certain Mr Gere planted a supposedly spontaneous kiss on her cheek during an AIDS campaign in Jaipur6.jpg
Shuttling in and out of Yerwada Jail, this newly married Dutt elicited both love and hate responses from a nation obsessed with its stars.4.jpg
Aamir Khan’s take on Sardar Sarovar Dam and Narmada controversy saw his films being banned in Gujarat. His second marriage also raised many eyebrows.
King Khan has been pulled up by the Health Minister for smoking on and off screen. He was also blamed for promoting his film Om Shanti Om during a T-20 final.