Kareena Kapoor looks as radiant and charming as ever. It is the first day of her shoot for her new film Main Aur Mrs Khanna, which is produced by UTV and Sohail Khan. The film also stars Salman Khan. The actress looks chirpy and greets me with a warm smile. “You will ask questions only about my personal life na?” she asks jokingly. Stunning in a black dress, Kareena does not look anorexic from any angle. Excerpts from a lunch-break chat

Do you want to lose more weight?

Why are you asking me this question? Do I look over-weight? (laughs).

No. But your weight-loss stories are doing the rounds.

I have been reading about it too. You tell me, how do I look? Do I look anorexic?

Not at all…

Then write na. While you are sitting in front of me you will praise me, and then you guys will say, “Arre kitni bimar dikhti hai!” (laughs)

But why did you lose so much weight?

I had to do it for my forthcoming film Tashan. I have signed a contract with Yash Raj Films so I won’t be able to divulge much about the film or my role.

Have you gone back to your non-vegetarian diet? (Kareena turned vegetarian when she started dating Shahid, who is a vegetarian)

No. I’m a vegetarian and love eating vegetarian food. I don’t know from where you get these stories from.

Did you enjoy chicken pizza at JW Marriot with Saif Ali Khan a few days ago?

Well…we do often dine out, but I have vegetarian food and he eats whatever he likes. And how does it matter? Come on now…give us a break!

You have been touted as the highest paid actress in this industry. Considering the fact that actors and not actresses dominate our industry, how does it feel?

I have never mentioned I’m the highest paid actress. (Laughs) I’m charging a remuneration which I think is fair. I put in a lot of effort in all my films and if I’m not deserving enough, I guess my producers won’t be paying me the amount that I claim. As far as the actor and the actress differentiation is concerned, I think an actress is equally important for a film and our job is no less important than what the heroes do in the films.

You seem to be very open about your relationship with Saif Ali Khan and you don’t mind talking about him in your interviews.

Why should I mind? I mean, if I am in love, I must admit it. Loving someone is not a crime, not yet!

Do you think Bollywood celebrities are increasingly going the Hollywood way, getting more open about their personal life?

Well…I would not like to compare, but I can speak for myself. I think we are both pretty level-headed and we know what to reveal and where to draw a line. We are both open about our relationship and would expect people to realise we are allowed to have our own space when not facing the media. I totally agree with the point that we are public figures and people would be interested in knowing about us. We are answerable to a certain point, beyond that I think it becomes detrimental.

When did you actually realise that your relationship with Shahid was over?

Well, don’t you think this is too personal to answer?

Are you in touch with Shahid?

Yes… he is a friend and whenever we meet we greet each other. I wish him all the best… always.