In the movie: Kangana Ranaut, the protagonist plays a fashion model. Once again we shall all see her adorn her ‘girl interrupted’ smokescreen.

A spirit haunts this young beauty in the plot and although we don’t know who this spirit is or why it will be victimising Kangana, we do know that despite popular belief, she won’t be paired opposite Emraan (not in the beginning, anyway

In the movie: Adhyayan Suman, making his much anticipated debut in this suspense thriller. He plays Kangana’s atheist boyfriend who is a professional documentary maker. The themes of his work revolve around the absence of God and ghosts.

So, obviously, when Kangana runs to him with claims of someone haunting her, Adhyayan’s disbelief pushes her away from him and into the arms of a caring and sensitive painter played by Emraan.

In the movie: Emraan Hashmi plays the sensitive painter who comforts Kangana, the damsel in distress. Needless to say, this duo will be enacting some pretty hot scenes on screen. Whether they have any chemistry between them or not, we’re yet to find out.

But what we can bet on is the fact that the ancient formula of the sensitive artist and the disturbed and desirable beauty, always makes for a good watch!

source: buzz 18