Ah! Just when you thought there is no stopping this Kapoor girl, comes this spanner in the works. I am told by my trusted friend that Aishwarya Rai Bachchan may have her revenge on Kareena for being unceremoniously replaced in the now-shelved project Bajirao (meant to star Salman-Ash).

Though Bhansali never quite got to making the film with Kareena and Salman (he was willing to dump Ash but not Salman, it seems), Ash may just settle the score with her hottest rival in the industry, after so many years that is.

Remember Mani Ratnam’s Lajjo? Well, for a long time, the prestigious project top lining Aamir Khan was Kareena’s calling card, which she merrily plugged at all interviews when no one was willing to sign her up. Lajjo, it seems, got deferred time and again only for a new twist in the tale.

Mani Sir, as he is fondly referred to, is in good mind to replace Kareena with Aishwarya. Especially now that he has worked with her in Guru and is mighty pleased with her performance. However, the film may also see another replacement in the form of Tamil superstar Vikram (of Bheema fame). It seems Aamir asked for Rs 5 crore, which Ratnam was not comfortable paying.

So, crux of the matter is, Aishwarya, even as we speak, is reading the script for Lajjo and getting ready, perhaps for yet another tryst with her southern colleague Vikram, after Rajinikanth, that is.

Meanwhile, Bebo may just have to keep herself busy with the other projects in her kitty.

Such is the way of this world, dearies!

source: buzz18